What Does It All Mean? – Cobots

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Often placed behind safety cages, requiring specialist programmers to set their tasks and rarely moved, traditional industrial robots are now increasingly being joined by a new generation of lightweight, agile cobots. Short for collaborative robot, cobots are designed specifically to work safely with, not instead of, human beings.

These new mobile, plug and play robots can collaborate safely with human workers due to the latest sensor and vision technology, and for many applications, no coding skills are required. This new wave of robots is set to make hitherto unaffordable levels of automation, available to the smaller companies that make up 70 per cent of manufacturing worldwide.

Speaking of which!

As if to prove there is no limit to what AI, sensors and robots can achieve – watch two robots build an IKEA chair without losing a crucial screw, falling out, or having a cup of tea!

Graduate Scheme

A new intake of graduates will begin their induction this September. But first they will go through our Summer Internship programme in order for us to select the strongest candidates and give them an insight into the world of injection moulding – Goodfish style!

Team Slovakia

Now we have identified our site in Slovakia, we will soon be looking for our team to support our customers operating at the heart of Europe.