What does it all mean – Edge Computing?

5th March, 2018

Potentially the next significant tech trend to find its way into the manufacturing sector, ‘edge computing’ describes infrastructure which allows data processing and analysis to take place as close to […]

The exciting new world of manufacturing – what does it all mean?

30th January, 2018

In the age of 4IR, manufacturing has become a very exciting place. Ai, Edge Computing, the iIoT, Cyber-Physical Systems and automation are combining to create the “smart factories” of the […]

New Negri Bossi 1000T press fully operational at Goodfish Cannock

22nd November, 2017

This new addition to the Cannock plant allows Goodfish to offer existing and new customers, complex high-end injection moulding solutions and compliments the existing range of machines that now go […]

Farewell to Ian Urquhart after 22 years

20th November, 2017

A stalwart of Powell and Harber’s management team for over two decades, Ian Urquhart retired in October, after 22 years as Company Accountant. Originally working as a qualified Chartered Accountant, […]

An introduction to best-cost sourcing

1st August, 2017

We recently heard that one of our more enlightened customers (an acquisitive, dynamic American industrial conglomerate – market cap $30bn) call it ‘best-cost’ sourcing. They don’t refer to ‘low-cost’ sourcing […]

Promotions with the Goodfish Group

20th January, 2017

At our January 2017 senior management offsite, which took place in Birmingham, two senior managers were promoted. Polly Kendrick was promoted to Operations Director at Goodfish’s Cannock site and Jamie […]


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