Injection-moulding clamp forces ranging from 35t to 1000t

Because Goodfish continually invest in equipment, automation and innovation our factories stand out from the crowd. Our customers tell us our operations clearly reflect this investment in terms of the range, quality and youth of our machinery, as well as the bright, tidy, clean facilities in which our equipment is housed.

Highly skilled tool-makers

We have our own tool rooms with the latest CNC, EDM and wire-eroding equipment and long-serving, highly-skilled tool-makers. We also have in-house prototyping, printing and assembly skills. But most of the injection-moulding tools we use are bought from partner suppliers in the UK, Portugal and China. This allows our tool rooms to focus on maintaining these tools in optimal condition during their life at Goodfish. Our extrusion tools are made at our tool room in St Asaph.

Optimal preparation

We have heat-staking in-house and we send parts out to our key suppliers for EMI shielding coating. Our metrology departments are equipped for fast, accurate, repeating measurements and we have invested in all the latest preparation ancillaries to ensure that the materials going into our machines are optimally prepared for processing.

Capabilities Matrix